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My name is Omar, founder of The Maaximum Method(formerly Maaximum Seduction). I'm considered a master of puppets. A globally cast "virtuoso" in the area of power, dominance, cold approach influence, seduction and self mastery. I've spent my entire life reverse engineering the "exact" building blocks for power, dominance, sexual attraction, enigma and influence. You will learn the most "truthful" breakdown of how to achieve these rare states through me, if you so dare to pursue them. Based on 20 years of "live in field" experience and legendary results, I've developed a model which breaks down mastery, power, social domination, influence into 5 easy steps.

This 5 layer model is what I have proudly called "The Maaximum Method". It is the only "truthful" breakdown of how to own any domain you enter and everyone in it. It forms the basis of Maaximum Power. Download a copy of my ebook "Maaximum Power" and start changing your game and your life. "Others are all talk. Omar is Boss". Jose, Toronto.

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Join me each Thurs(11 am to 12 pm EST) and Sun from 1 pm to 2 PM EST for my weekly free global Skype group coaching session-Omar, Founder, Maaximum Seduction.

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Maaximum Seduction 160 Erskine Ave,Toronto, Ontario Canada, M4P1Z4 SkypeID:maaximumman

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